4 Recruitment Tools to Help Reach Your 2018 Goals

You’ve got your job cut out for you in the year ahead. According to Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, “More job creation, higher voluntary employee turnover and intensified competition for talent will be the main themes surrounding employment in 2018.” Keep that in mind and check out how technology can be an asset for you and your recruiting efforts this year.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Have you welcomed artificial intelligence (AI) into your workplace? While the words “artificial intelligence” might evoke your favorite sci-fi series, AI is anything but out of this world. It’s right here, right now. In fact, according to the Deloitte Human Capital Trends report, 38 percent of companies use AI, and 62 percent expect to by the end of this year.

AI makes it easier to source and screen candidates to fill a position, and reduces the amount of time and effort your HR team spends searching for the right person. Who couldn’t use that sort of assistance?

  1. Talent Rediscovery

Don’t avoid a treasure trove that you have at your fingertips. When in candidate-search mode, use software that can go back into your ATS database and search and rediscover candidates that have submitted resumes in the past. Talent Rediscovery makes searching for candidates more efficient, not only by more quickly finding a pool of talent but by reducing your time-to-hire timeline.

  1. Chatbots

You’ve likely run across chatbots lately, whether you’re placing an order online or scheduling a doctor’s appointment online. For recruitment, chatbots do the heaving lifting of filtering out candidates via a pop-up chat box. By asking prescreening questions about skills, qualifications, and experience levels, candidates can be brought into the hiring cycle more quickly, if applicable. Read more about the benefits and challenges of chatbots in HR.

  1. Recruitment Marketing Software

Marketers are clever. They make the magic that entices you to buy products. Marketing plays an important role in recruitment, too. Prospective candidates search online to learn about potential employers and companies in general. You want your company to stand out, and marketing software can help you find, attract, engage, nurture, and convert candidates. According to Recruitingdaily.com, to engage target job applicants, “recruiters should promote positions as a product they’re trying to sell.”

These tools won’t eliminate your HR department in favor of technology doing all the work. The human touch is indispensable and crucial for decision making, but can you imagine what it would be like to reduce that pile of resumes sitting, stacked on your desk for review?

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